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Home » Craft Brewery in New York City, NY

Craft Brewery in New York City, NY

Craft Brewery Insurance Information

Specially Crafted Insurance Plans for your Brewery in Albany, Buffalo, New York City, Syracuse & all across New York

Rob Dettman

(585) 727-5068


Congratulations to the Paris Kirwan clients who won awards at the 2022 NYS Craft Beer Competition! We are proud to represent so many great local breweries for their insurance needs.


Gold Medals:

Catskill Brewery | Light Lagers | Ball Lightning

Naked Dove | Amber and Dark Lagers | The Goat Bock Beer

Naked Dove | Porter | 45 Fathoms

Strangebird | Imperial Stout and Porter | Breakfast Bear Fight

Swiftwater Brewing | Barrel Aged Sour | Knowledge is Sour: Margarita

Swiftwater Brewing | Belgian Farmhouse | Saison or Die!

Wood Kettle Brewing | Brown Ale | Brother Bear


Silver Medals:

Community Beer Works | Experimental | Mellow Dreamin’

Naked Dove  | Imperial Stout and Porter | Russian Imperial Stout

Three Heads | Barrel Aged non sour | Barrel-Aged Barleywine


Bronze Medals:


12 Gates Brewing Co | Hazy IPA | Moonlight Fog

Catskill Brewery | American IPA | Grass Wagon

Rising Storm | Hazy IPA?ÿ| Shadowboxin’

Strangebird | Amber and Dark Lagers | The Western

Strangebird | Belgian Farmhouse | New York Artisinal Harvest

Strangebird | Experimental | Polewnik

WeBe Brewing | Wheat Beer | At My WITs End


Other Awards:

Wood Kettle Brewing | best Beer

Strangebird | Brewery of the year

Strangebird and Steuben Brewing New York Artisanal Harvest | Best Collaboration


Paris-Kirwan Associates, Inc provides insurance to Craft Breweries Albany, Buffalo, New York City, Syracuse and surrounding areas.

Craft breweries face a unique set of challenges when it comes to insurance policies. Craft breweries are typically seen as small business enterprises, yet the large production and distribution options expose them to large financial opportunities and risks. At Paris-Kirwan Associates, Inc, we work hard to help ensure your business stays protected.

Our insurance options for craft breweries include, but are not limited to:

  • General liability
  • Coverage for equipment / machinery
  • Liquor liability
  • Umbrella coverage
  • Property insurance
  • Workers’ compensation

Craft breweries face unique risks and exposures which is why they need insurance solutions tailored to their needs. Paris Kirwan Associates, INC. understands that craft breweries like yours have special insurance needs, and we’re here to help you find insurance policies that help protect against such risks. Give us a call today or request a quote online to get started.


What does craft brewery insurance cover?

What may be covered by your craft brewery policy may vary, as insurance needs are unique to each business and operation. Here are some common policies that craft breweries may carry:


General liability insurance: Most businesses carry a general liability insurance policy to have a layer of protection against claims of bodily injury, advertising injury, property damage or reputational harm.?


Workers’ compensation insurance: Most states require most businesses to carry workers’ comp insurance, which helps compensate employees who sustain a work-related illness or injury for lost wages and pay for medical care and treatment. It may also provide you, the employer, with coverage for legal costs resulting from a work-related illness or injury.


Commercial property insurance: This type of policy helps protect your commercial property (e.g., brewery) and assets from covered losses and events (e.g., fire, theft or vandalism). Depending on where your business is located, you may need to purchase additional coverage to protect against hurricanes, flooding, or earthquakes.?


Equipment breakdown insurance: If your brewery equipment malfunctions or breaks, your operations may be at a standstill, resulting in lost income. This type of policy helps cover the repair or replacement costs, depending on policy details.?


Supply chain insurance: As a craft brewery, you may not have large stocks of ingredients, making regular shipments from suppliers essential. This type of insurance can cover losses in the event a supplier is unable to provide necessary materials.


Spoilage and product recall: If your beer is found to be contaminated, spoiled or otherwise defective, having this type of coverage can help with lost revenue and recall-related expenses.

Liquor liability insurance: Liquor liability is essential to cover damages related to a patron who may have been over-served at your bar or while on a tour.

Remember, many of these types of coverage can and should be adjusted to fit the specific needs of your brewery. Talk to a Paris Kirwan Associates, INC. agent today to uncover your insurance needs and find policies to ensure adequate coverage.


Is insurance for a craft brewery expensive?

The cost of insurance for a craft brewery will vary based on many different factors, including the specific operations of your business, as well as the amount of coverage obtained. Talk to your Paris Kirwan Associates, INC. agent to learn more about what the insurance coverages you may need may cost.

Call us at 800-724-2627 or 585-473-8000 or request your free brewery insurance quote here.

Contact an insurance specialist at Paris-Kirwan Associates, Inc to set up a consultation.

Brewery Employee Safety Manual


Liquor Liability Agreement

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